Adding SPSiteURL in SharePoint 2013 site – Automation ExtendASP


Every SharePoint site you create using ExtendASP Control Panel adds the SharePoint site only to the default zone. You need to add a HTTPS url to every site you create and place it on the internet zone , so that users external users can access it. Open Powershell in Sharepoint 2013 Server – (Adding Sharepoint […]

Server Manager error in Windows 2008 R2 – Unexpected error refreshing server manager – 0x800F0900


Download – Windows System Update Readiness tool using below link Run it, Its going to Run for some time. Open Log location – C:\Windows\Logs\CBSS Open CheckSUR file Open Log file See Unavailable repair files in the bottom of the log file.   Get the Unavailable repair files from a similar patched system. Take a […]

Only Secure Content is displayed while opening Office Web Apps with Exchange 2013


Open Power shell ( Run as Administrator) Set-OfficewebAppsfarm –SSLOffloaded:$true –AllowHTTP:$true Restart Office Web App Server (OWAS_ server Which fixed the above ID prompt Attaching the standard settings with all OWAS functionality working with Exchange and SharePoint 2013 on Windows Server 2012 I have a internal CA – there my .local url is trusted with my […]

How to limit number of Simultaneous Connections in 2012 R2 RDS(Remote Desktop Services)


Login to the 2012 R2 Gateway Server Start- Administrative Tools – Remote Desktop Services – Remote Desktop Gateway Manager Right Click on the Server Name – Properties Set the Value for – Maximum Allowed Simultaneous Connections – Click Apply – OK

How to Create a receive connector to authorize Cross forest emails in Exchange 2013


Am migrating users from Domain A to Domain B. Primary domain has distribution groups having “Only senders inside my organization” We can’t expose the distribution groups as some mailboxes are migrated across forest. Create a receive Connector to allow emails to be authenticated for distribution groups. Note: Appropriate mail contact/mail user should be available. Add […]

Exchange 2013 – OWA Password Expired – Requiring DOMAIN\Username


When a user’s password expires and they login to OWA, the system allows them to change the password. However, Exchange 2013 OWA requires them to use the format ‘DOMAIN\username’. UPN authentication isn’t supported yet in Exchange 2013 OWA. When can’t expect the users to remember the domain name (unnecessary increase in support calls). We can’t […]

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